Mutation Testing: A Tale of Two Suites

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How to Pick a Metric as the North Star for Algorithms to Optimize Business KPI? A Causal Inference Approach

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Chaining iOS Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality to Make the Magical Real

Four screenshots of Etsy's iOS Augmented Reality feature

An image of a frame on a wall being highlighted to show what should be cropped.

Two piles of images sorted by original artwork and being displayed on a wall.

An animated gif depicting a listing image being presented on the wall.

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Keeping IT Support Human during WFH

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Cloud Jewels: Estimating kWh in the Cloud

Blue jewels rain down from golden clouds in these Lightning Storm Earrings by GojoDesign on Etsy.

Three graphs to illustrate decreased energy intensity (increased efficiency), showing that energy usage would grow less quickly than business size.

Illustration of PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) as the ratio of overall power used by a datacenter to the power used by computers in it.

Illustration of what Cloud Jewels seeks to quantify: the power used by compute and storage.

A graph portrays CPU Utilization increasing and decreasing over time.

A graph shows trends of US data center electricity use from 2000-2020. Two alternative scenarios begin in 2010; a steeply increasing line portrays the increase in usage if efficiency remained at its 2010 level through 2020. A decreasing line portrays the electricity usage if best practices for energy usage were adopted.

A graph displays monthly total kWh used with Etsy's former datacenter (actual) compared to with Google Cloud (estimated). Google Cloud kWh is significantly lower.

A graph shows estimated annual consumption in kWh with Etsy's former colocated datacenter (actual) compared to with Google Cloud (estimated). Google Cloud annual consumption is significantly lower.


Developing in a Monorepo While Still Using Webpack

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This is a diagram showing the browser requesting an asset, our build system building that asset synchronously, and that asset being served back to the browser.

This is a diagram that attempts to visualize the flow that Kevin goes through when a request comes in, as described in the previous paragraph.

monitoring system

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The Causal Analysis of Cannibalization in Online Products


The journey to fast production asset builds with Webpack

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The second part can be found here


G-Scout Enterprise and Cloud Security at Etsy

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Engineering Career Development at Etsy

building machine learning modelslocalizing our products

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